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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About Us...

Jordan brings a fresh and unique perspective to dog training. Jordan has amazing insight on how dogs think and how to help them reach their full potential. While bird dogs may be his specialty, I feel any dog would benefit from working with him. I highly recommend his kennel. - Perry Dlugie

Jordan has worked with my Brittany pup Shelby, she has gone through the foundation and intermediate stages of training. I could not be happier with her hunting performance at 18 months old. She works closely, finds birds and retrieves to hand. I look forward to having Jordan finish her up this spring.
I highly recommend Jordan to anyone who is thinking of having their dog professionally trained. - Mike Calise

Without hesitation I would recommend Jordan. As a trainer myself, I am grateful for the guidance he has given me with issues I needed help on. He is a leader and always is willing to help to make sure you succeed with your pup. -Jeremy Cormier


Jordan has worked with our GSP Sage both during a Puppy Development session and a Foundation session and we recommend him to anyone without hesitation.
The first time we met he spoke about getting our dogs "mind right" and taking a leadership role and after thinking we knew what that meant he actually showed us and it was a complete game changer.
After her Puppy Development we took her to a Game Fair up at Orvis Hudson Valley and I couldn't tell you how many people we interacted with that were shocked to learn she was only 9 months old. She was a calm dog by our families side even during in that hectic setting. Good breeding but also great training.
Since that Puppy Development we also had Jordan work with her in a Foundation session. She came back to us as close to fine tuned as we could ask for and exceeded expectations. At a 14 months old she remains a well mannered dog that is a pleasure to have around. Her hunt drive has been developed and those skills were defiantly honed and for a dog that will hunt a few weekends a year but be a year round member of our family we couldn't ask for more.
Seeing friends and family go through the ups and downs of raising a puppy has us feeling spoiled to have Jordan as part of our training team.
While Jordan has had Sage for weeks at a time the few hours he spent with us during pick ups have been key to us understanding our relationship with our dog. If you are on the fence about utilizing Jordan you shouldnt be, there is no one we feel more comfortable leaving our dog with and the results have been worth every penny- Dan Edgett


Jordan Wells represents the NEW breed of dog trainers, and may be one of the best dog men among any pro; he also possesses the time-tested old school knowledge as well as any pro in the game. Other than Rick Smith, he is the only pro-trainer retained by Orapax to conduct an on-site advanced dog training seminar”.
Neal and Jane Kauder, Owners Orapax Hunting Preserve

Couldn't ask for a better dog! -Ben Burdick

"We needed help with our overly enthusiastic, large Labrador. We had totally given over control to him. Jordan is awesome ...his depth of knowledge regarding dog instincts and behavior ...his ability to easily convey that information so that owners can apply it to their needs. His patience with both dog and owners. Can’t say enough good things."
- Ellen Robertson Lutz

"Great dogs!!!! Jordan knows what he is doing and was very informative and helpful in regards to our first GSP. We will continue to get dogs from him in the future."
- Crystal Daigneau


"Jordan has worked with both of our Vizslas on hunt training and his passion has shown in the care and dedication he has provided to our dogs and  in answering our questions.  As much as the process in training the dogs is about him working with the dogs on setting boundaries in obedience and behavior in the field, it is his willingness to spend time with the owners to make sure we can carry on the consistent methodology with discipline that makes the dogs continue to improve. We are thrilled with the Wells method, and how it has improved the performance of both dogs in hunting each year. We are excited to witness our youngest pup, Stella, who immediately after completing puppy foundations this summer, achieved her title of Junior Hunter, and was 4/4. Not only are both dogs better hunters after working with Jordan, they are obedient and under control when off leash on the every day hikes." Tim and Julie Silvia


"I started out some years ago lost and desperately looking for dog training help.  I was lucky to find Jordan by chance and it has changed my bird hunting and dog training life for ever. I have so much good to say I’m not sure where to start.  It wasn’t enough for Jordan to train my dogs.  Jordan trained me.  Jordan, Jamie Lynn, and now little Tinley have become friends.  The best I can do for anyone thinking about starting a training relationship with Jordan would be to tell you to Just call me.  It’s worth my time. 203 233 0982. "
- Jack Murphy


"I have had the pleasure of working with Jordan for close to a year now. He has not only trained my Elhew Pointer Luke, he has also trained me. He is a true mentor who understands his craft like no other. I am a foot and ankle surgeon and have been training residents and young doctors for over 20 years. I know a thing or two about teaching. Jordan has guided us both in the field and in the house. I have also had the pleasure of attending a seminar he held last spring. It was a well organized professional and incredibly informative. Our experience with our dog has been so much more enjoyable and fun because of him and his unique skill set. If you wish to speak with me about my experience, I give Jordan permission to share my contact information with you."- Dr John A. Jackalone


"Jordan had my puppy for two months this summer and now with his first hunt he stands his birds nicely and he’s only a year old."
- Pete Stevens

"Absolutely amazing what this young man can get out of a dog. Still can’t believe what he’s been able to do with my boy Finn...and such a short period of time. And he truly has a passion for what he does, which shows in what he is able to produce from a dog without using huge amounts of pressure."
- Jerry Imprevento

"Excellent breeder and trainer very responsive anytime when I contacted him. If you want a well trained dog whether it’s bird hunting,or just having a well behaved dog. This is the place to go."
Michael Pryor

"5 stars! Jordan’s knowledge, personable demeanor, and ability to handle each individual dog’s personality on a case by case basis to instill a solid foundation should be held in a high regard.
He won’t let you leave there without having the knowledge to succeed and further build your relationship with your hunting companion."
- Ryan Selig

"I would like to thank Jordan Wells for all of his hard work training my English Pointer “Hunter” on and off the field, his work and training speaks for itself. He takes the time to explain in detail what he has done and what you need to continue your pets progressing at home. I am very satisfied with the work he did with my dog. If you’re looking for just obedience for your everyday house pet or gun dog training I highly recommend Jordan Wells to anyone, you will not be disappointed."
Steven Soklevski

"As a newcomer to upland hunting, we started Hunt Smith foundation with my 8 month Wirehaired Pointing Griffon at J. Wells Kennels. Jordan is a true professional whose passion and dedication to training and mentoring is evident in every interaction. In addition to being highly skilled at his craft, he is supportive and generous when helping clients – taking time to explain each detail to the fullest."
- Patty Chang

"Jordan trained my English Setter for field use and I’m he is a very obedient and happy hunting dog. Jordan is excellent with all breeds as he uses the silent command system. It can be used on any breed or even problematic dogs. Thanks Jordan and maybe in future I will be in the market for a second dog. Hope to work with you again!"
Jason Abysalh


"I have been using Jordan's kennels to train and condition my dogs for the past several years. My dogs have always been well cared for, and the extent of their training has been superb."
- Ronald A Coiro DVM

"Patient and consistent with dogs, willing to share knowledge."
- Dawn Bradshaw


"Very knowledgeable and helpful!" - Kelly Clark

"The Definition of Detail"

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