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J. Wells Kennels is not your average boarding facility. We believe in a higher standard.

We have worked at other kennels and seen what typical boarding looks like. Dogs need mental stimulation and pack socializing daily. No sitting in a kennel all day here!

At J. Wells Kennels your dog will board and be handled by Jordan, socialize with stable dogs in our 16,000 sq ft exercise yard where they can run around at full speed if desired, and be treated like one of our personal dogs. We believe your dog will leave a better dog just staying with us!  We maintain a small personal environment at the kennel, we don't overbook more than we can handle and will never let in dogs that have stability issues. The kennel remains quiet and calm for down time. We maintain one of the cleanest and safest facilities in the country.

We are a family run kennel and are dog professionals with years of experience. We maintain structure, boundaries and rules for all the dogs. This ensures a stable pack environment and is the most rewarding mindset for any dog while your away.  

Requirements and Pricing
Vaccine Records and Dog License are required to board
Dry Kibble food only (no wet or raw) Kennel food available $5/day
$45/day 2nd dog

To book with us please call 860-748-9908 to have Jordan evaluate you and your dog to see if you're the right fit for us as we do not accept everyone. 

"The Definition of Detail"

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