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Boarding and Daycare

Thank you for considering J. Wells Kennels for your dog's boarding or daycare needs. We believe in providing a higher standard of care and prioritize the mental stimulation and socialization of our guests.

Unlike typical boarding or daycare facilities, we ensure that your dog will not spend their days sitting in a kennel or regressing in their behaviors. Our professionals will handle and interact with your dog, and they will have the opportunity to socialize with other stable dogs in our large exercise yard. If your dog enjoys running around at full speed, they will have plenty of space to do so. If your dog is attending daycare, they will also benefit from their one-on-one training session with one of our experienced team members.

At our kennel, we maintain a small personal environment and carefully manage our bookings to provide a calm and quiet atmosphere for your dog. We do not accept dogs with stability issues to ensure a safe and peaceful environment. Cleanliness and safety are our top priorities, and we take pride in maintaining one of the cleanest and safest facilities in the country.

Being a family-run kennel with years of experience, we emphasize structure, boundaries, and rules for all our dogs. This creates a stable pack environment and is the most rewarding mindset for any dog while they are away from their owners.

To board your dog with us, we require up-to-date vaccine records and a dog license. We ask you to provide dry kibble food, and if needed, we have kennel food available for an additional $5 per day.

Our Pricing
Boarding: $50 per day for one dog and $45 per day for the second dog.
Daycare: $45/day

Please give us a call at 860-748-9908 to book with us. We will evaluate you and your dog to ensure that we are the right fit for each other, as we do not accept everyone. We are excited to provide your dog with the exceptional care they deserve.​


"The Definition of Detail"

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