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Obedience Training

-Private Lessons
- 2 Week Leash Bo
ard and Train
- 4 Week Off Leash E-collar Board and Train 

During our private lessons, we focus on providing one-on-one attention to address specific obedience needs and behavioral issues. This personalized training allows us to tailor the program to meet the unique needs and goals of each dog and their owner.

For those who prefer a more intensive approach, we also offer board and train programs. With our board and train option, the dog stays with us for the designated training period, allowing us to work consistently and intensively on their obedience skills. This is particularly beneficial for busy owners who may not have the time or expertise to dedicate to training themselves. Our two-week leash only training program is designed to instill basic commands and leash manners, ensuring that dogs can be safely and effectively walked on a leash. This program is ideal for young dogs or those who have not yet had any formal obedience training.

For dogs who are
ready to take their obedience skills to the next level, we offer a four-week off-leash training program. This program focuses on commands and control, allowing dogs to be trusted and let off-leash in a variety of situations.

No matter which program you choose, we are committed to using proven techniques and creating a safe and enjoyable learning experience for both dogs and their owners. Our goal is to help foster a strong bond between dogs and their owners while ensuring their obedience and behavior is reliable in any situation. Contact us today to learn more about our obedience training and mentoring programs and how we can help you and your dog achieve your training goals.

"The Definition of Detail"

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