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Jordan Wells - Owner and Trainer


Jordan started his passion in 2010 hunting and competing with German shorthaired Pointers in hunt tests and horseback field trials. In 2013 Jordan graduated the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors in Turfgrass and Soil Science from the College of Agriculture. After graduation Jordan still couldn't stop thinking about training dogs so he took a chance in 2014 beginning his career as a professional trainer to the public at Quinebaug Kennels. Moving to lead trainer there in just a couple years he knew he wanted the next level.

The dog industry led him to attend Rick and Ronnie Smith seminars in addition to extensive mentorship with Sonny Piekarz at Hay Creek Kennel. After working with Rick Smith and Sonny Piekarz, he knew he was being mentored by the best in the business and wanted to train and handle dogs at that level. 

After years of mentorship and training dogs professionally, Jordan developed a training program inspired by Sonny Piekarz and the Huntsmith Method that is at the highest measure of detail. Jordan’s passion drives him each day to evolve the training format on how dogs and humans interact. From obedience training to upland bird dogs, he does his best to train each dog to their fullest potential while they are with him. His strongest compliment is the ability to teach the owner as well as the dog. He owns and operates J. Wells Kennels.

Jordan's ability to read a dog is unmatched...


Training Options



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Puppy Development

The most critical stage in any upland bird dog’s life is their development as a puppy.  In the puppy stage we work on building and developing the prey drive to a level which will carry each dog through formal training.  During Puppy Development we also begin to introduce the language that you will use to communicate with your dog for the rest of their life.  This all begins as early as 8 weeks old.

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The key to communication and handling lies in the detail of the foundation training. We develop trust, confidence and leadership in this stage. The human and the dog begin to speak the same language and the possibilities become endless.  The Foundation level ensures we can develop the dog to their full potential. We can start the foundation program after the puppy development around 5-6 months of age. 

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Following the Foundation stage, we put our language and handling to work in the field.  During this Intermediate stage we start to communicate what we want the dog to do around birds and on birds.  We are teaching a dog what their job is.  It’s not perfect yet, but we are prepping for that advanced polished dog that comes with repetition and age.  We can start the Intermediate stage after the Foundation program depending on the maturity and drive of the dog.



This a level that few can walk!  It takes a strong commitment from the owner and dog to handle at this level.  This level requires that all the boxes are checked and fine-tuned to have an advanced dog that looks and performs like a million bucks!  In this level we polish and perfect all the hard work and repetition that we have invested in during the previous programs.  The dog now knows his/her job and what is expected.  The dog needs to be crisp, clean and able to handle at an elite standard.  This program requires puppy development, foundation, and intermediate to be done. Usually an advanced dog is 2+ years old.


Dog won't retrieve??? 

No problem we use the 
"WELLS METHOD OF FETCH" to fix that...


Wells Method of Fetch

The evolution of fetch is finally here!  No more harsh sessions to teach the dog to fetch.  We use our method to teach the dog step-by-step throughout our proven system.  Using the language built in the foundation program we mentor your dog through the entire process from bumpers to birds.

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There are many good ones...but few great ones.

Jordan Wells has been blessed to work with some of the great ones. Sonny Piekarz and Rick Smith have mentored Jordan to think, act, and train like a true professional. They set the bar high for him and their standard drives Jordan every day to be the best he can be. 


Rick Smith

Huntsmith Method

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Sonny Piekarz
Hay Creek Kennel



The Best Dogs In The Country

There are many dog trainers out there that train dogs to a standard that makes the average person happy.  Then there is that elite few who want the best, they want full potential, they will give everything they have to get to the top. It’s not dog training anymore it’s a lifestyle.


Hay Creek Outfitters is that elite group, the ones that believe in the higher standard that others don’t know exist. Let them show you what it takes and what it feels like to run with the elite and hunt over the best.

Hard work, self discipline, stay humble and set the bar high! No one will stop you! Jordan has reached heights he didn’t know where possible and he still wont settle! He is part of the elite group of dog men called Hay Creek Outfitters. 

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Jordan Wells


"The Definition of Detail"